Arialytics IDEAS™ – Anticipate the Future

The Best Independent Research Datafeed for U.S. Equities and Industries

Arialytics IDEAS™ is an artificial intelligence (AI) research datafeed that aggregates millions of price, fundamental, and macro datastreams into continuously updated expected return and alpha assessments for 5,000+ listed US equities & ADRs, 200+ industries, and another 5,000+ delisted equities and ADRs dating back to 1999. 

Investors for whom research quality, depth of insight, and comprehensiveness are essential rely on Arialytics IDEAS™ to understand forward-looking return and alpha prospects. Arialytics IDEAS™ is a point-in-time (PIT) datafeed that provides both real time analytic value and historical depth to investment decision-makers and analysts who require deep, unbiased industry and company insight.

Independent usage by some of the world’s leading quantitative hedge funds has demonstrated the incremental value provided by Arialytics IDEAS™, even by funds consuming hundreds of other datasets. Contact us to learn why the best independent research datafeed for US equities and industries is Arialytics IDEAS™.


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