Arialytics IDEAS™ – Anticipate the Future

AI Insights at your Fingertips

Arialytics is known for building Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment systems that blend quantitative asset pricing theory and practice in a fundamentally sound and understandable manner. Access to Arialytics IDEAS™ research empowers the modern manager with AI driven insights at your fingertips. It provides a unique, real time investment decision-making resource that helps financial professionals understand future return prospects, test hypotheses, and discover new ideas.

Arialytics IDEAS™ research contains predictive return/valuation assessments spanning hundreds of industry groups and every security with primary listings on the NYSE, NYSE American, and NASDAQ exchanges and international companies whose shares are traded in the US (ADRs). The research is characterized by it's comprehensiveness, a massive underlying information set, and the depth of proprietary forward-looking insight it provides.

Arialytics IDEAS™ for Corporates

Industries are evolving more rapidly than ever before. Technology and competitive disruption shift the balance of power quickly and present new opportunities. Discovering the growth industries and strongest rivals of the next five years is very valuable, but past trends provide little insight.

The Arialytics IDEAS™ brings powerful predictive AI to the boardroom. It evaluates and anticipates the future by analyzing patterns in thousands of diverse data streams and millions of company records in real time and over decades.

Companies requiring predictive insight rely on Arialytics IDEAS™ to quantify complex sector, industry, cross-industry, competitive, technology and firm-specific dynamics and discern threat from opportunity. Identify emerging M&A targets, discover strengthening and weaking competitors, and analyze and compare forward-looking performance.

Rather than a single research snapshot, Arialytics IDEAS™ delivers research value through a continuous quantitative AI stream across 200+ industries and 5,000+ individual firms.

Key Corporate Use Cases:

  • Identify and monitor M&A opportunities early, as they emerge
  • Discover competitive threats earlier than backward-looking trend analysis
  • Identify divesture opportunities and performance weaknesses
  • Improve market awareness and fact-based decision-making

Key Features:

  • Industry return/valuation assessments for over 200 market capitalization weighted sectors and industries
  • Security return/valuation assessments for individual NYSE, NYSE American and NASDAQ securities
  • Support for an unlimited number of custom, user-specified industry groupings constructed from individual securities
  • Investment holding periods (forecast horizons) ranging from months to years
  • Backtestable starting from December 1999
  • Customizable