Private Equity

We help private equity firms that have invested in data-intensive businesses accelerate their time to exit. We use artificial intelligence to materially increase cashflow.


We can help:

  • Your data is the delta on cashflow. Time spent extracting actionable marketing and sales insight from data is costly, time-consuming, complex, and skill-intensive. Time not spent gaining an edge from data is just as costly and it increases time to exit and valuation risk. Working with us, your businesses gain access to our proven, trusted AI predictive technology, the same technology we have been providing to asset managers for years.

  • A better data modeling paradigm. Today, everyday, your marketing and sales executives generate hypotheses about how to use their massive data stores to improve customer capture, close, and cross-sell rates ('What if we did this?'). The dominant paradigm is to research and test each hypothesis one-by-one with a predictive model. This approach is not scalable or fast. It requires a person or a team to develop one model for each question. We offer a better way – a machine scalable solution to solving each predictive problem, in near real-time, as it arises.
  • Arialytics artificial intelligence. We offer a modeling paradigm that is true AI. Our platform let's the machines develop the models, not people. People are clever, but they bring biases that destroy model value and they are slow and expensive. Our solution is unique. It dramatically increases the number of marketing and sales problems you can solve, eliminates idea to model lag time, and increases predictive accuracy. These effects produce cashflow in data intensive businesses. We've been developing our technology since our founding in 2010 and successfully using it on unstructured datasets in the field for years.


You don't have to go it alone. Get more EBIT from your data today.

Who we are

Arialytics is a leader in using artificial intelligence to improve investment outcomes. We've been providing AI solutions to investors since 2010.

What we do

We help investors improve their businesses. Our investment solutions reduce bias in research, increase rational decision-making, obtain unique insights from data, increase investment consistency, and help you achieve a materially higher level of cashflow from business data.

How we do it

We utilize artificial intelligence and rigorous research methods to unlock real-time sales and marketing value in a manner that is scalable, economically motivated, and predictive.