AI Capabilities for the Fiduciary Organization

Arialytics Intelligent Responsible Fiduciary™ is a research solution for fiduciary advisors that brings artificial intelligence insight and investment rigor to manager selection and tactical allocation.

Arialytics Intelligent Responsible Fiduciary™ (Arialytics IRF™) combines the unbiased analytic powers of Arialytics’ artificial intelligence with quantitative advances in forming optimal portfolios to help make more informed, rigorous, and timely manager selection and tactical allocation decisions.


We can help with:

  • Manager selection and tactical allocation. We can assist 3(38) and 3(21) fiduciary advisors in constructing and monitoring diverse, cost-efficient plans. Every retirement plan or fund of funds regularly confronts complex investment questions: What managers/ETFs should we include and/or remove from a particular plan or portfolio? Which are most likely to materially contribute to fund objectives? What is the likely performance impact of different options? Arialytics Intelligent Responsible Fiduciary™ is an AI powered research solution that enhances your manager selection and portfolio monitoring process by providing robust answers to these questions.

  • Outcome-based solutions: Demand for outcome-based solutions is growing as more investors prefer to directly achieve results aligned with their ultimate goals. Opportunities for provider differentiation and new product development abound but an important consideration is the heightened fiduciary responsibility inherent in solutions services. Arialytics IRF™ can help your organization meet complex investor needs, sort through the resulting quantitative challenges, and align investment decision-making with fiduciary responsibility in a way that is repeatable, evidence-based, and efficient.

  • AI Capabilities for the Fiduciary Organization. Helping you attain fiduciary leadership and investment product excellence are the principal goals of the Arialytics IRF™ solution. We refer to the harnessing of AI and fiduciary capability as, ‘achieving the Fiduciary Organization’. We’re working with fiduciary leaders and experts to translate our AI analytic capabilities and the latest fiduciary know-how into a readily adoptable toolkit for operationalizing organizational best practices so that our clients can achieve a new and better Fiduciary Organization.

  • Model portfolios. Visit our Portfolios page for information about our model portfolio solutions for wealth managers.

You don’t have to go it alone. Achieve a higher level of fiduciary capability and informed, investment prudence for your business. We've been a leader in AI investment solutions since 2010.

“The principal goal is to provide exhaustively researched answers to the most important questions associated with manager selection and tactical allocation.“

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David Marra,  Managing Director

David Marra, Managing Director


Who we are

Arialytics is a leader in artificial intelligence investment research and portfolio solution provision. We've been providing AI research and portfolio solutions to financial intermediaries since 2010.

What we do

We help investment professionals improve their businesses by increasing the tangible value they provide. Our evidence-based investment solutions reduce bias in research, increase rational portfolio decision-making, obtain unique insights from data, increase investment consistency, and help you achieve higher client responsiveness.

How we do it

We utilize artificial intelligence and rigorous portfolio construction methods to grow and protect wealth in a manner that is economically motivated, consistent, and personalized.